Hello my name is

Steven Limcorn.

I'm a computer science student studying at The University of Queensland. I have a huge interest in deep learning, specific areas like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision.

About Me.

Hello! My name is Steven Limcorn and I am a deep learning enthusiast. My interest in deep learning started when my friend introduced me to deep learning. I was fascinated how complex algorithms can solve what was thought to be impossible for a computer.

My main focus these days are building languages and medical related projects such as evaluating MRI/X-ray images on several computer vision problems as well as building low resources language models. For those of you who have great ideas and would like to work together, you can contact me here.

Here are a few programming language and frameworks I've been working with:


Front End Developer Intern

December 2020 - February 2021
  • Maintained and improved client’s WordPress website based on loading speed, SEO and page designs using WordPress plugins and custom PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML custom codes.
  • Came up new ideas to acquire new clients on website page such as “Tradie Salary Calculator” and “Building Health Diagnosis”.
  • Rebuild company website for a better user experience.
  • Increased traffic to website by 25%, acquiring more than 10 new clients for the 3 months.
  • Technologies used: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Graphic Designer

December 2019 - February 2020
  • Designed jeans whisker pattern based on client requirements to be manufactured, tested, and shipped to countries like U.S and Australia.
  • Managed and prepared detailed weekly reports on each client design progress, identifying issues and possible actions to take.
  • Taught new employee candidates on the process of designing jeans whiskers and interviewed several candidates.
  • Increased efficiency of production line from 20 to 60 jeans/hr by utilizing laser jeans machine.
  • Software used: Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.

Personal Projects.

view my github

Melayu BERT Language Model

A Malaysian Mask Language Model generated from pretrained BERT model.

view on huggingface →

Covid-19 Chest X-Ray Classification

An image classification model that classifies chest X-Ray images.

view on github →

Indonesian Roberta Base Language Model

An Indonesian Roberta Language Model trained on OSCAR Indonesian Corpus.

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Contact Me.

If you have a similar project in mind and would like to share your ideas and collaborate with me, feel free to contact me. My inbox is always open for new projects and ideas.